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Anni Mikkonen „The average day of a general store worker”

Vernissage: 15.12.2021, 18:00
On view: 15.12.2021-13.01.2022
Curated by: Aleksandra Zhuchko
15/12/21 – 13/01/22
Galeria Na Wysokim Poziomie
Budynek A, UAP, III piętro

The average day of a general store worker
Coming here day by day. Probably not even being aware of the hard work one is doing. Having built one’s own world there.
Could be some music in the background. Being surrounded by different things. Part of them could have appeared there by accident. It is now hard to notice though. As the time passes they just stop seeming so unintended.
You could pass by this store every now and then. All the items will stay the same. Probably perceiving this way of living as a waste of time. But sometimes you would walk in and look around. A variety of choices and possibilities. So used to seeing it, both of you. So many products that seem rather useless.
You could leave the store after a while. Maybe having bought something. So there would be one less thing left. Is there a need for anybody to notice that? Having had a quick conversation at the checkout. Even if for now it’s meaningless.
You could pass by this exhibition every now and then. Why all that? There’s no need for a fixed answer. It is simple. It’s just a little fragment of Anni’s art practice. The title could be a metaphor of life.

Aleksandra Zhuchko

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